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    MLS wants you to be able to reserve an appointment online anytime, day or night. You can plan your appointments during work hours from your desk at work or after hours if you need to from your iPad or smart phone from anywhere.

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  • Our ServicesImpairment Assessments

    Impairment Assessments are usually requested as part of an independent medical examination for a Workers’Compensation or CTP claim. They are required to determine the degree of impairment of an individual with a permanent medical condition.

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  • Our ServicesIndependent Medical Examinations

    MLS are market leaders in the provision of prompt, thorough expert medical examinations for work related injuries and impairments.

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  • Why MLS?Benefits of Chosing MLS

    MLS provides exceptional service to our clients. We send confirmatory emails to the Case Manager of all appointments as well as confirming all appointments with the claimant.

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